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To contact the Allotment Officer, call 01325 406106 or email

Please note I have moved offices from The Clock Tower Lodge at South Park, to The Depot at Allington Way.

Visitors by appointment only. There are visitor parking spaces on site and callers should go to reception, pick up the telephone and ring Patricia Baston x6106 or Sandra Innes x6662

Important Changes to Darlington Borough Council Waiting List

If you applied for an allotment before the end of May 2017 and did not reply to a letter sent out before Friday 16 June 2017, then your name has been removed from the waiting list as detailed in the letter and you will have to re-apply again.

If you did not receive a letter please get in touch with the Allotment Officer asap, it might be possible to add your name retrospectively to the waiting list.

We are always trying to make it easier for you to contact us and keep your records up to date.

If you need to let us know your address has changed or if you wish to surrender your plot, please complete and return the appropriate form below by post or email.

Allotment sites

DBC own 15 allotment sites within Darlington, which together contain a total of over 800 individual allotment plots. The council manage Arnold Road, Honeypot Lane, Park Side and Springwell Terrace, the rest are self-managed associations ran by individual committees.

Allotment sites map [pdf document, 3MB]

There are also sites within the villages of Heighington, Hurworth, Middleton St George, Neasham and Sadberge.

To apply for an allotment in Hurworth please contact:

To be eligible to apply for an allotment in Middleton St George you must live within the parish. To apply contact Les Foggett (Secretary) on 07974080738 or email: You can also apply online [external link].

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Hens, rabbits, and bees can be kept on some sites.

Hens are currently kept at Arnold road, Barmpton Lane, Cockerton, Five Arches, Hummersknott (West Cemetery), Salters Lane North and Smithfield Road.

Pigeons can only be kept on plots previously used to house pigeons at Arnold road, Cockerton, Five Arches and Salters Lane North.

Humersknott, Bellburn Lane and Dodmire allow bees in specific areas, Barmpton Lane, Cockerton and Dodmire have bees on plots.

Renting an allotment

The rent for a full plot from Darlington Borough Council is £120.00. Rents will rise to £145 from 1 April 2018. No concessions are available.

Self-managed sites are run by individual committees and each site has different rents and concession rates. Rents are currently cheaper than DBC. You can apply for a plot on self-managed site by completing the on-line form below. Prices, details of concessions and number of people on waiting lists are also shown.

Allotment waiting list

To apply for an allotment complete the application form [online form, opens in new window]. Once you have applied for an allotment, it is your responsibility to inform us of any change of contact details. If you cannot be contacted your name will be removed from the waiting list. You may put your name down for more than one allotment site, but you can only have one allotment garden.

Application forms received for council run sites will not be acknowledged but you can now track your progress/view your position on the allotment waiting list [pdf document] (last updated June 2017)

Please call 01325 406106 for your waiting list number. As a security measure we will be unable to give you your reference number unless you tell us your date of birth.

Buddy scheme

People helping on plots can formally register themselves as co-workers (one per plot, must have to demonstrate that that have been an essential part of running the allotment for a minimum of three years).'Buddies' can take over the plot if the owner surrenders it.

Buddy application form [online form, opens in new window]

Self-managed association allotment sites (Council owned, run by committee)

Twelve of the town's sites are now under self-management. To apply for an allotment you can either complete the application form and email it to the relevant associations or contact them direct by telephone.

Application form for self-managed association allotment sites [online form, opens in new window]

Self-managed association allotments
Name of allotment Contact nameRentConcessionsWaiting list as of October 2016EmailPhone
Barmpton Lane Steve Jackson (Secretary) £40.00 No concessions 26 07941 745149
Bellburn Lane [external link] Derek Tweedy (Lettings Officer) £50.00 for full plot 40% reduction for over 60’s and people claiming benefits 20 07974 021473
Cockerton Allotments [external link] Peter Wheatley (Treasurer) £52.00 for full plot No concessions 34 07528 022874
01325 241375 
Drury Street Colin Bearpark, (Treasurer) £52.00 No concessions 7 07791 578912 
Dodmire  Charles North (Secretary) £43.00 for full plot £3.00 Concessions offered for over 60s 3  
Five Arches, formerly known as Field Street Jolene Moss (Secretary) £80.00 for full plot No concessions 16
 07773 105511
Glebe Road [external link] Keith Robinson (Secretary) £45.00 for full plot Concession 22% reduction for over 60’s and people claiming benefits 13 07958 266927
Hummersknott Gardeners (West Cemetery Susan Greenacre (Secretary) £35.00 for full plot No concessions 30   01325 469363

Joe Kelly (Chair) £60.00 for full plot No concessions 12 07468 856573
Salters Lane North Don Mansfield (Chair) £60.00 for full plot No concessions 16  07935421062
Salters Lane South Dave Davison (Secretary) £80.00 for full plot  No concessions 7  01325 482642
Smithfield Road
Memberships required - membership free £1 per year (donated to charity) 
John Hindle (Chair) £45.00 for full plot No concessions 10 07866 334189 John Hindle

Independently managed sites

Some privately-owned (by which we mean non-Council) allotments may also be available.

Independently managed sites
Name of allotment Contact nameWebsitePhone
Hummersknott Allotments and Smallholdings Association Ltd  

Individual raised beds are available to rent which would be suitable for less able gardeners.

Allotment strategy

An allotments strategy for Darlington 2009-2019 [pdf document, 1.1mb]