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Central Park

Background to the Scheme

Central Park is a 30-hectare brownfield site, situated between Haughton Road, Yarm Road, Hundens Lane and the railway. It has been selected as one of the regeneration flagship projects for the Tees Valley and is to be developed over the coming few years.

In May 2012, following community engagement earlier in the year, the Council approved a refreshed masterplan for Central Park, which will be brought forward by the selected developer consortium.

Central Park Masterplan - May 2012 [pdf document]

Following the submission of an outline planning application, with details for the first phase of residential development in summer 2012, the Council formally considered and approved the application in September 2012.

Following the announcement from one of the residential developers comprising the development consortium CKY that they were to withdraw from the scheme in late 2012, the Council and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have been in detailed negotiations with the remaining developers.

These negotiations concluded in June 2013 and legal agreements with Keepmoat Homes have been completed to enable them to bring forward the residential components of the scheme in two distinct phases: Central Park North and Central Park South.

The Council and HCA will work together to facilitate the delivery of the commercial components of the scheme through alternative delivery mechanisms.

What It Includes

The new developments will provide:

  • Up to 500 new homes, including family town houses and 15% affordable units;
  • Around 2,000 jobs;
  • Hotel and facilities close to the railway station;
  • Leisure and community facilities;
  • Green open space;
  • High quality office accommodation;
  • Impressive new link to the railway station

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Next Steps – Central Park North

Keepmoat Homes have commenced development of Central Park North – a scheme which will deliver 332 new homes, including a minimum of 20 affordable homes, over the next 10 years. The phasing of development will commence from Haughton Road and progress parallel to Hunden’s Lane to John Dixon Lane over 4 sub phases.

The key feature of this development is the linear park which will be the focal feature of Central Park North. This will be delivered alongside the initial phases of the development and create a high quality, multi functional open space with informal and equipped play opportunities for all the community to enjoy.

Further information on the residential development on Central Park may also be available on the Keepmoat website [external link]

A local centre also comprises part of Central Park North and will be taken to market by the Council and HCA before Summer 2015. This will help create the northern gateway to Central Park.

Next Steps - Central Park South

The Council have recently been successful in their application for funding from ERDF and HCA to deliver a Business growth Hub on the southern gateway to Central Park. The Business Growth Hub, situated in the Central Park Enterprise Zone, will deliver serviced office accommodation for small and medium sized businesses in Darlington.

The timescale for the delivery of the Business Growth Hub is from early January 2014 for completion in March 2015. This development will be a significant catalyst for the delivery of the commercial development within Central Park South.

The residential components for Central Park South will be delivered by Keepmoat Homes once the Council has successfully acquired the remaining interests required in order to deliver the new access from Yarm Road. It is likely that residential development on this portion of the site will commence in 5-7 years.

There are a number of additional development plots available for commercial and similar developments within Central Park South. The Council and HCA are formulating a programme to realise the delivery of these additional plots which will also be dependant upon the delivery of the new access from Yarm Road. A number of these sites are in the Central Park Enterprise Zone.

Timeline for Central Park

  • 2002 New vision for economy identifies Haughton Road as an opportunity
  • 2003-06 Four funding bodies accept Central Park as a priority—£16m allocated
  • 2003-2004 Site investigations and feasibility studies
  • 2004 Old railway sidings land bought
  • 2004-05 Master plan launched; public consultation
  • 2004-08 Power cables moved, new junction built, allotments moved, drainage put in, land bought and treated.
  • 2005-06 Darlington College built
  • 2007 Developers selected for housing and offices
  • 2008-09 Credit crunch/recession made development unviable
  • 2010-11 Rejig of redevelopment plan in light of economic crisis; Teesside University built.
  • 2011 Central Park designated an Enterprise Zone
  • 2012 Agreed to move Hundens depot
  • 2012-13 EU and HCA funding for Business Growth Hub
  • 2013 New agreement reached with housing developers
  • June 2013 Housing starts to be built
  • 2014 Business Growth Hub will start to be built

Contact Details

Should you require any further information, please contact:

Jill Thwaite
Central Park Project Manager
Darlington Borough Council
Town hall

By email to
or by telephone on 01325 388629

Central Park by numbers

  • 30 hectares of land
  • 1 university
  • 1 college
  • 1 hotel
  • 1 iconic park
  • 512 new homes
  • 300, 000 sq ft of office and retail space (enough for 52 businesses)
  • 2,000 new jobs