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Council tax balance

You can use My Darlington+ to find out how much Council tax you owe and which tax band your house is in.

You can pay your Council tax online, or through our automated telephone system - 0300 456 2671.

How to set up your Council tax balance on My Darlington+

Log into your My Darlington+ account.

Once you are logged in, go to the My Accounts Section


In the Account type box pick Council tax from the drop down and click on the Add Account button

You will then need to enter some information so that you can access your account.


Step 1 - enter your Council tax reference number

This is an 11 character reference number which is shown on the top left hand side of your Council tax bill or the bottom right hand side of your Girobank card.

It should start with 550 or 600.

If you do not know your reference number, please complete our online enquiry form here or contact our customer services team on 01325 405555.

Step 2 - enter your details

  • Surname 
  • House Name/Number
  • Postcode

Your surname and postcode will be automatically transferred across from the details you entered when you registered on My Darlington+ but you can overwrite them here if you need to.

Step 3 - verification

Once you have entered your details click register. Depending on the details you have submitted we will either be able to approve your account straight away or we may need to manually approve your details.

If we need to manually approve your details, you will not be able to access your account straightaway. If you still cannot access your account after five working days, please assume that your account has been rejected.

If your account has been approved straight away, you will receive a message saying so.

Viewing your Council tax account


You can then return to your My Darlington+ My Accounts page in order to see your Council Tax information

You can also add a new account by clicking on the Add Accounts section and repeating the above process.

To disassociate an account from your My Darlington+ profile contact us

My balance is incorrect!

If you think your payment is not right, please email with your username and housing rents number and we will investigate.