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Garden waste collection service

Orders for 2020 are open

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the garden waste service has been delayed; garden waste collections will commence on a two-weekly cycle from Tuesday 12 May.

Collection information will be available through the normal postcode lookup approximately 2 weeks before your first collection is due, we will also send you an email to let you know what your first collection day is. 

We are now accepting renewals and new subscriptions for 2020. The cost is £35 per bin subscription. You can have up to four subscriptions at each address (four bins).


If you had a garden waste subscription last year you need to sign up using the link in the email we sent you. If you no longer have the email, you can ask for another to be sent from the button below.

We won’t send you a new bin as you already have one from last year. You will receive a welcome pack containing your subscription sticker(s) for 2020.  You can increase or decrease the number of subscriptions you had last year too. If you increase your subscriptions from last year and need an extra bin, we will automatically send one to you.

Send renewal email

New subscribers

If you’re new to the garden waste service, when you sign up, we’ll deliver you a garden bin within a couple of weeks.  You will also receive a welcome pack containing your subscription sticker(s) for 2020.  You can sign up using the ‘New sign ups’ option below.

New sign ups

Changing your subscription mid-year

If you decide that you'd like extra bins after you've paid for 2020 you can increase your subscription. To do this click on the 'New sign ups' button above. When you enter your address the system will detect if there is an active 2020 subscription and will allow you to buy extra bins. (Up to a total of four per house)

Important information

Collections start from 12 May. The deadline to sign up and pay in time for the start of April’s collections is Monday 23 March.

You can still sign up for the service after this date, but you may not receive your sticker pack or bin in time for the first collection. You can subscribe anytime during the year, but it’s the same price whenever you sign up. This could mean you have fewer collections than if you’d subscribed earlier.

If you sign up before the deadline, we will send you an email in March to let you know your garden bin collection day.

It is likely to be different to your usual refuse and recycling day.

Terms and conditions of the garden waste service

Frequently asked questions

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

What can I put in my garden waste bin?
Yes No
Grass cuttings Bags or plastic
Hedge trimmings Soil, rubble, stone turf
Twigs and small branches General waste
Hanging basket contents Food waste
Weeds and plants Animal waste
Leaves Japanese knotweed
Cut flowers and house plants Ragwort


When can I subscribe to the service?

You can subscribe any time of the year. However, you will only receive the collections remaining until the end of November, but you will still pay the same price.

Will my collection date be the same as my general waste and recycling?

We plan the garden waste routes separately to other routes so it is unlikely your garden collection will be the same as your rubbish/recycling day. You will be able to look up your garden waste collection day online after we’ve planned our routes at the end of March. 

Do I have to pay the same garden waste charges as everyone else, even though I am on benefits/I am a senior citizen?

Yes. There are no discounts.

Can I have more than one bin?

Yes. You can have up to four garden waste bins, but will need to pay for each one. There are no discounts for multiple bins. All bins are a standard size of 240L. If you are an existing subscriber and you want to increase the number of bins you have, use the 'New sign ups button' above.

I only have a small garden, can I share a bin with my neighbour?

Yes. The charge is per bin and there are no issues with this practice. You and your neighbour will need to decide who will register for the service and make the payment.

How do I cancel the service? Can I have a refund?

We do not offer refunds once you have subscribed. You can request to have your bin removed, which is free of charge. However, we recommend that you keep your garden waste bin, as there will be a delivery charge if you decide you would like to re-subscribe later. 

If I have extra garden waste will you collect if it does not fit in the bin?

No, side waste will not be taken. You could buy an extra subscription or your neighbour may allow you to put extra in their bin if it is not full. If you still have extra waste you can take it to the tip. 

If I pay for this service, when I move to a new house will I get a refund?

The subscription is for the property only and the garden waste collection service is not transferable. The payment made is not refundable.

I’ve moved to a new house and there is already a bin at my property

If you move into a property and there is a garden bin already there, you may have a subscription from the previous occupier. You can use this subscription until it ends, after that you will then need to register your details and pay £35 to renew it. 

I have an assisted collection for my refuse and recycling. How can I get one for garden waste?

If you already have an assisted collection you will automatically qualify for us to assist you with your garden waste too. You do not need to tell us this.

What if I don’t want to pay?

If you do not wish to use the garden waste collection service, you can take general garden waste, such as grass cuttings and leaves to the tip at Whessoe Road. Please visit the tip page for opening times and to find out what you can dispose of there. 

An alternative choice would be to compost your garden waste. Composting is a natural process that transforms your uncooked vegetable kitchen waste and garden waste into a nutrient-rich food for your garden. A whole composter can turn about 30% of your total household waste into compost and it is easy to do.

Why is garden waste not collected all year round?

During the winter months the service is suspended, as there is little garden waste. If you have garden waste during the winter months, you can take it to the tip in Whessoe Road.

My garden waste bin is lost/stolen, can I get another one?

You will need to contact us so we can arrange a replacement. There is a charge of £19.80 per bin. Bins cannot be collected in person. This will increase to £20.39 from April 2020.

What happens if you miss my collection?

If we miss your bin we will try to come back for it. However this is not always possible. 

Contact customer services on 01325 405111. We will record the incident and add you to a monitoring list to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We will not return for a first time missed bin, unless we find it was our fault. We will check cameras on the wagon to see if we were at fault. 

Will garden waste be collected from the front or a rear of my property?

Put your garden waste in the same place you put your recycling bin or containers.