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Car parking information

Pay and display

Charges apply Monday to Saturday between hours of 8am and 6pm, including bank holidays. Parking is FREE on Sundays. 

Ourcar parks (with the exception of East Street) are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Charges vary.

Payment can be made by coins, credit/debit card and pay by phone. Ticket machines do not give change. 

Read the information on the front of the machine or tariff board to ensure you are paying the correct amount as these vary between car parks and are subject to change.

Ensure that the ticket is clearly visible on your vehicle before leaving the car park. Leave plenty of time to get back to your vehicle.

Pay and display charges apply to disabled Blue Badge holders in all council operated car parks. If you have parked in a disabled marked space you must display a valid blue badge and purchase a parking ticket for the duration of your stay.

If the pay and display machine is out of order please use the other machines within the same car park/street if available. You can report a broken machine by calling in 01325 405222 during office hours or 01325 406999 out of hours.

Pay by phone

Paying by phone is quick and simple to use. You don't have to display a ticket and you can get text reminders before your parking is due to expire.

To register free, call 01325 953908 or visit the paybyphone website [external link].

If you are an existing user call 01325 953908 or text INFO to 65565 for instructions on how to pay by text.

Please visit the car parks page for car parking codes.

If you have any queries click on the link below:

PayByPhone support pages [external link]

Electric car charging points 

There are two car charging points at East St car park (above Wilkos) and Feethams multi-storey car park. Please note Feethams multi-storey is pay on exit therefore charges apply for parking time used.

On street parking

Please check signs before parking on the street. There is at least one pay and display ticket machine located in each designated street. Details of charges can be found on the machine. Parking is FREE on Sunday.

Delivery vehicles can park without charge as long as they are actively loading/unloading to an adjacent property.

Motorcycle parking

There are various free spaces within the town centre car parks dedicated to motorcyclists, view the car parks page for more information.

Motorcycles parked elsewhere within a car park must pay the appropriate fee. You must keep the pay and display ticket.

Parking a vehicle in a space intended for a motorcycle may result in a fine.

Parking outside the bay

You must park your vehicle within the boundaries of a parking bay. If your vehicle does not fit within one bay then you can straddle bays and purchase and display a ticket for each bay/part of bay you are using or find alternative parking. If any part of your vehicle is outside the marked bay(s) you have purchased a ticket for then a penalty charge notice will be issued.

Parking out of bay can be a hazard to other motorists and pedestrians and can also prevent other motorists from getting a parking space. 
Disabled bays are marked with yellow hatched areas on either one side or both sides of the bay. These areas have been marked to give extra room for disabled drivers/passengers to get in and out of their vehicles. The hatched area does not form part of the bay. Do not park within the hatched areas as this could cause an obstruction to other users of the car park and will result in the issue of a penalty notice.


Information about gritting car parks

Double yellow lines

Double yellow lines along the edge of the road mean no waiting at any time. However you may stop to allow passengers to get into or out of the vehicle or to load or unload, unless there are also loading restrictions. 
For more information about parking on double or single yellow lines, please view the civil parking enforcement procedures [pdf document].

Crossing points

Crossing points are provided where older people, disabled people, wheelchair users and people with prams and pushchairs should be able to cross safely and conveniently, without obstruction.

Inconsiderate parking obstructs these crossing points. It is a safety hazard and is also an offence.

Taxi ranks

It is illegal for any vehicle other than a Hackney Carriage to park on a taxi rank.

However, in some cases ranks may only be specified for taxis at specific times. Please refer to the signs for further details.

Blue badge

Apply for a blue badge (disabled parking badge)

Issues with parking on a residential road

If you are concerned that a vehicle is causing an obstruction to the flow of traffic in a residential street or road (for example, it is parked on the corner of the road, making it difficult to see oncoming vehicles or on the pavement) please call 01325 406999.

If a vehicle is parked illegally on yellow lines, residents permit bays, pay and display bays, loading or disabled bays please call 01325 406999 or email

Please remember that you do not have a legal right to park outside your house, even if you have a residents parking permit. Disabled badge holders can park in resident permit areas without a permit.

To request yellow lines or white lines in a road please call 01325 406707.

Issues with parking outside a school

If a car is parking on zig-zag lines outside a school, or illegally on yellow lines - contact us on 01325 406999 or Please include as much information as possible, including registration number, the school and times. As cars are usually only there a few minutes to pick up and drop off children, the car may be gone by the time you contact us, but we may be able to establish a pattern.

If a car is parked on the pavement or causing an obstruction to the flow of traffic, please call 01325 406999.

Applying for a waiver while carrying out building work

To apply for a waiver on yellow lines, resident parking bays, on street paid parking or limited waiting areas, loading bays and disabled bays please contact 01325 405222. A £5 charge for 24 hours will be implemented for parking in these areas if works are being carried out. Payments can be made by credit/debit card or in cash at customer services.

The following criteria must be met for a waiver to be granted:

  1. constant access to the vehicle is required for the duration of the job
  2. there is no alternative free parking or on street pay and display parking nearby where the vehicle could be parked

Drivers will not have to pay the waiver if there is nearby free unrestricted parking or on street pay and display parking where you can pay up to £2 for 2 hours (if the job will take less than 2 hours).

Report a vehicle 

To report a vehicle that is parked in contravention, for example not displaying a permit/parked causing an obstruction, please call 01325 406999 or email